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​​Swanskin Systems - Projects

Blue chip client

  • Peplink 310 blended router delivering seamless throughput

  • 4 x Starlink (commercial) satellite systems

  • 1 x Private LTE Microwave dish on mast

  • Several Wifi access points around property

  • Facial recognition access on all external doors and main gate


Large workforce over large distance

Main camps and Operations centre x 4

  • Peplink EPX extreme blended network router

  • Guyed masts with microwave dish for private LTE

  • Several WIfi access points throughout camp

  • 2 x commercial satellite systems

Small remote sites x 200

  • Balance 20X blended network router

  • Cell Antennas

  • Wifi access points

  • 1 x Starlink in support mode

Advanced vehicle tracking and emergency crash out vehicle

  • BR1

  • Double cellular connections

  • Starlink mobile

  • Wifi access point


Remote school

School with 30 pupils

  • Peplink 20X extreme blended network router

  • 2 x SIM working on 2 local networks

  • 1 x Starlink with bonded networking

  • 4 x Wifi access points


Nasdaq listed global enterprise

Project Scope

  • Cost down Data plans

  • Introduce new technology and future proof systems

  • Introduce a deeper level of support for Modems globally

  • Increase sales of current and new products

  • Advise and attend engineering change board

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