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Blend up to 3 incoming internet connections to provide one seamless, 100% uptime link by a managed service. We combine all costs in to one smoothed bill per month, including Maintenance and data for 5G / NBN and Starlink.

Our systems montior the network and steer away from any network outages, making sure you have garunteed 100% uptime.




  • BR1 PRO 5G*
  • Cellular Antenna
  • Starlink dish and modem
  • Internal Wifi 6 acess point (this is scalable ot offer better coverage)
  • Power connection
  • NBN connection to Modem**


*Excludes cabinet for storage, can be priced and installed on request

** this considers that NBN is existing


N.B. Antenna will be connected externally to the building, approval from facility manager or home owner may be required

Home or office Satellite Broadband

SKU: 1001
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