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Smart Factories:

The Smart Factory is a concept for expressing the end goal of digitization in manufacturing. The way the term is most used, a Smart Factory is a highly digitized shop floor that continuously collects and shares data through connected machines, devices, and production systems. We install power and comms within this field

Ultrasonic Sensor

Generally used for monitoring the levels of grain silo's to allow cost effective resupply. This can be coupled with an automated system to release a truck roll via text, for example


Fuel and water

Dropping these particular sensors into your water and fuel containers will allow you to deploy a truck roll just at the right time before you run out on site, and can used with an automated system.


The software for these devices will allow you to control and change the settings to suit the requirements over the air (OTA) It will record all data to allow effective management

Behavioral analytics

Predictive maintenance, using and monitoring data as a tool. Truck rolling to site only when required.

Preventative maintenance, periodic truck rolls to site for system and hard health checks whether the hardware or system requires it or not/

At swanskin, we manage and operate both systems within our SLA to allow us to reduce total cost of ownership where possible

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