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Swanskin products

At Swanskin we offer a range of equipment that is totally scalable to fit your needs, whether that is your yaught, home, enterprise, school, remote living, Satellite broadband on the move, IoT satellite, we have it covered.

Based in Australia, we are prepared for large roll out, ramp up installations for major works and / or regional and extremely remote locations. 

Please email the project team to discuss global deployment including austere and high risk environments.

oneweb satellite communications


Low earth orbit connectivity requires a new class of User Terminal (U.T.). The innovation lies in our essential ground technology and electronics, both for fixed and mobility solutions. 

Electrical Circuit


Depending on your scope, there are many considerations to maintaining constant, reliable power in order to maintain maximum uptime to your system, working with Swanskin Systems, we will ensure you have the correct set up to meet your scope


Smart PPE

A new and important venture for Swanskin Systems. Monitoring your most valued assets (Humans) is at times key to their survival. Working in high risk, adverse and environmentally difficult areas require another level of protection. Whether monitoring body temperature, manual skills and or location, having someone watch your back and health can be all you need to succeed. 

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Bonded networking solution from transit and small sites to large industrial power house

Guyed mast for Telecommunications

Guyed mast

In order to achieve a private LTE system you may need a guyed mast. The mast can be used for several attachments including a microwave or MMWave dish for long and medium connections, Cellular Antennas for local network connection, Wifi access points, speakers and satellite flat panels. This can be coupled with solar and battery systems for your networking equipment if co-located with the mast.​

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Reliability is one of the core focus areas while designing products at Teltonika Networks.

CCTV security camera on white ceiling, operating inside the building

Security Systems

Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.​

Systems can be tailored for the level of security required and integrated with your private telecommunications network. Allowing you access to your system from anywhere in the world without the issue of local network failures.

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