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Everyday governance

We have an obligation as employers to do the right thing, below we set out some of our culture and conduct that we live by

Environmental, Social and Governance

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Swanskin Systems procure all its materials and products only from Australian companies. The supply chain performs functions and 4 tier levels:

Tier 4 - Raw material extraction

Tier 3 - Raw material processing

Tier 2 - Material production

Tier 1 - Finished product

Swanskin Systems currently only source from Tier 1 supply, which means we have little visibility of the source material. Knowing this, Swanskin Systems relies on our tier 1 supply chain to validate their tier 2 suppliers.


This allows Swanskin Systems to make a judgement on whether the tier 1 fits Swanskin Systems code of conduct on social and environmental impacts

Company Operations

Swanskin Systems are learning and studying the impact of running business and specifically the use of power. Where possible, Swanskin Systems will strive to use renewable energy at its operational premises throughout Australia and internationally

Goal - all premises to be at least 50% renewable by 2025.


Doing our part for the environment, managing our supply chain best we can, understanding projects cradle to cradle concepts is what we do, but simply not enough. Swanskin Systems seek to build infrastructure to be proud of and last the test of time, aiming for a first past yield, every time. First pass means we have taken the time to understand the project in hand and plan with detail, designed our work breakdown structures and applied craftsmanship. 

This offers the infrastructure not just physical durability, but emotional durability for our staff, the management and equally so, our clients and end users.

But we are human, flaws can happen due to many reasons, Swanskin Systems will work through any misinterpretations or other factors to achieve the required criteria.

Social and labour standards

In order to deliver the craftsmanship required of clients we at Swanskin Systems work hard identify salient risks and continue to update our policies and processes to meet the needs and requirements of our workforce, bottom up.

Swanskin Systems staff are our most important asset, their lives matter to us as they are the bones of the business. Craftmanship is delivered through safe working conditions, we ensure that new hires, clients and supply chain share the same ethical values as we do.

Swanskin Systems code of conduct must be adhered to by all staff and suppliers.

If requested, Swanskin Systems will produce a list of suppliers to any paying client, at any time for full disclosure.


Swanskin Systems staff lay down the culture which governs the way we do business. Its the culture of always doing the right thing first that keeps us in business, irrespective of difficulty. Our team work on three main principles, knowledge, honesty, and integrity. Right or wrong, honesty first.

As Swanskin Systems goes through this current period of growth, we work hard with new employees to instill the company culture and equally listening on how we can improve and remain dynamic to culture changes and complexities.

Modern Slavery

As Swanskin Systems continues to grow we understand the necessity to understand our supply chain and the risk of forced labor, fraud and coercion, we are committed to assist in combating modern slavery wherever possible.


Understanding the slavery risk and the Global Slavery Index, we are able to rank our supply chain of materials and consumables which Swanskin Systems have in their control.


Swanskin Systems will also periodically assess material and equipment from their client base to understand their supply chain. Swanskin Systems strive to do their bit to make the world a better place.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and better equality

Black Lives Matter came upon us in the summer of 2020. It highlighted to us the ongoing issue of racial injustice and many other forms of inequality. From that summer we have pledged to work harder to engage with our Aboriginal communities and ensure that we are open to all at Swanskin Systems.

Recently, we have been studying our policies and recruitment procedures to ensure we are reaching all communities in order to offer a fair route to working with Swanskin Systems.

granted, we may not be doing exactly the right thing now, and way not have all the answers, but we are definitely prepared to listen to feedback and guidance from those who do. 

It's important to Swanskin Systems to continue to be valued from outside of the company. Its the best way to understand your own culture. W aim to employ consultants to engage with all of the staff throughout the business to understand what more can be done.

Swanskin Systems are always striving to engage with and be inclusive of BAME, LGBTQ+ and female communities and ensure that our workplace is open to all.

Swanskin Systems already have a diverse and colourful workforce, but we can always do more. 

Swanskin Systems pledge to continue to do better and to continue to reach out to all communities.

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