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Global engineering partners specialising in Telecommunication Networks as a Managed Service Provider

Design | Supply | Install | Maintain


Our diverse areas of expertise and hardware are designed to fit your bespoke requirements


Swanskin project management team deliver birth to birth, sustainable project management services through all stages of the project lifecycle:


Large and/or important systems may have two main feed power systems for diversity, coupled with batteries and a solar system to top them up.


A Peplink bonded Network Service may include several systems allowing for seamless operations and maximum uptime


This allows you to monitor stock levels of most types, including boxes, grain or road materials, soil conditions, water and fuel levels, send a truck only when you need to


Tailor made Defence, Government and special project department with 30+ global experience



Silvus is reshaping broadband wireless connectivity for mission critical applications

About Us

At Swanskin Systems, we provide a turn key solution to increase your project capabilities and capacity through effective project management, network design, equipment selection and installation, preventative and predictive maintenance. Ensuring maximum uptime and controlling total cost of ownership

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